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General Guide Lines

Mortgage Application Guidelines:
I know the “tricks of the trade” due to the fact that I was mortgage loan officer for 3 years.  If you follow my advice – you will get a low rate AND less fees.  Before you call - pull your own credit with all three Bureaus to check your credit scores as well as any derogatory items.  Also, make sure you do not have any "NFS" listed in your checking account.  You do NOT want any surprises.

Guidelines for the Purchase of New Builder Homes:
Building a Custom or  Tract Home from the ground up can be more expensive.  It is more cost effective to buy a home that's almost built or complete.  Always tell the Builder representative that you are working with a Realtor® so you can benefit from "Buyer's Agency".  As a Realtor®. I have access to those builder homes listed on MLS, which include previous sales price, price reductions and a cost comparison between different builders in the same subdivision.  Always have a walk-thru and inspection before you sign your closing papers at the title company.  

Guidelines for the Purchase of Resale Homes:
The purchase of a resale home has many potential obstacles to avoid.  After 16 years of Real Estate experience, I know from experience that you have to keep the seller as well as the listing agent in check.  You should have a walk-thru before closing, inspections, repairs if any and always make sure that your new home is in the condition that you want.

Guidelines to Sell your existing home:
Selling an existing home involves a completely different set of guidelines.  After 16 years as a Realtor® I can tell you that it’s not always about pricing.  Many different factors go into the successful closing of a real estate transaction.  Each property is unique regardless of how “hot” the real estate market